Artemisia was Regina of Miromara before the events of Deep Blue. She was the mother of Regina Isabella, Principe del Sangue Vallerio and Ludovico and the grandmother of Serafina, Desiderio and Lucia. Her mother was Regina Isolda.


Artemisia was very close to her granddaughter Serafina, and when she died, Sera was so heartbroken that she placed a beautiful nautilus shell, her most prized possession, in the hands of the statue of her grandmother in the stateroom. However, the warm and loving feelings were not shared by her other grandaughter, Lucia. Lucia loathed her paternal grandmother Artemisia, because Artemisia had forbidden her parents Vallerio and Portia Volnero from marrying due to the Volneros having traitors in their family coral. She decreed that Vallerio would not be allowed to father Volnero children, unknowing that there was already a Volnero child on the way: Lucia who was sired by Vallerio. Lucia had been summoned to court by Regina Isabella to learn the ways of a future duchessa and had been forced to suffer the insults and gossip about her and her mother, as well as the occassional pity on how she had to grow up without a father and possibly marry beneath her because of her tainted bloodline. She also envied Serafina her father and privelege, and thus loathed Artemisia, and by extension, Isabella and Serafina accordingly.

Thalassa the Canta Magus was first presented to court and began her career during Regina Artemisia's time.


She presumably looked like a Merrovingia as her children all had black hair, silver scales and sapphire-blue eyes.