Atlantica is a mer domain in the Atlantic Ocean and is governed by a President.

History Edit

Becca had gotten her talisman at Southern Atlantica. Serafina had gone to Morsa's temple, and touched the blood that made her hear the victim's voices.

Becca was shopping at a market in North Atlantica when the Death Riders came. Fortunately, Astrid helped her escaped. They took refuge in a sea cave and had lunch and hid from the Death Riders. Eventually, they left the cave and traveled to a whalefall, a cemetery for dead whales. Becca mentioned EisGeists, murderous spirits that were created by the death goddess Morsa and how they made their way to the Atlantic Ocean from the Arctic Ocean.

Politics Edit

It is mentioned that Atlantica's head of state is a President. It is presumed the President is elected. It is mentioned in Deep Blue that Atlantica has a foreign secretary.

Locations Edit

Orphanage Edit

After Becca's parents died, she was sent to live in an orphanage.

Marketplace Edit

The marketplace sells marsh melons, water apples, squid and crab eggs, clams, and silt cherries. The market is set up in a public hall in the center of a sizeable village located in North Atlantica.

Baudel's Edit

A songpearl shop that Becca used to work at as a spellbinder. The owners let her stay in an apartment above the shop with a bedroom, a sitting room, and an incredibly tiny kitchen.

Whalefall Edit

A hushed, hallowed ground where the remains of dead whales lay. When a whale’s life was over, her body sank through the water and came to rest on the seafloor.

Cape Horn Edit

The home of Pyrrha. Cape Horn has the Williwaw, a spirit that had sent people to their deaths, and shipwreck ghosts who died because of the Williwaw. The shipwreck ghosts wear the clothing of their time period and they wore before they died. There is a sea cave nearby that the Williwaw lives in. Half of the cave is submerged and half of it is dry. There is an opening above the waterline that the Williwaw uses to fly in and out of the sea cave. There is the Achilles, a brigantine near the sea cave that leads to a tunnel inside the sea cave. There is also a bubble tea seller and a village nearby.

Cuisine Edit

Cuisine in Atlantica consists of marsh melons, water apples, squid and crab eggs, clams, and silt cherries. Becca also buys squid from a village near the sea cave.

Known Inhabitants Edit

  • Becca
  • Abigail (deceased)
  • Matthew (deceased)
  • Marketplace farmers