Baba Vrăja is the elder leader, or obârșie, of the Iele.

Appearance Edit

Vrăja has long grey hair, black eyes and a tale covered in shades of brown and grey. At the beginning of Deep Blue, she wears her hair in a long braid wrapped around her head. Later in the book, she wears a cloak of black osprey feathers with a high collar made of deer antlers and her hair is in a high updo. At the end of the book, she wears a long black cloak with a ruff of ebony swans feathers, her hair coiled at the back of her head and rings carved from amber. Later, she wears a dress the colour of oxblood with a high neckline trimmed with tiny bird skulls and its bodice beaded with fox's teeth, hawk's talons and polished bits of turtle shell.

Deep Blue Edit

Vrăja appears in Serafina's dream, urging her to find five other mermaids while enclosing Abaddon in a waterfire, trying to hold him back. When all of the six mermaids are in the cave she explains the situation with Abbadon and tells them that they'll have to train in order to save the realms. When the Death Riders attack the Iele's cave she destroys a mirror after the mermaids manage to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • "Baba" is an informal Romanian term for an old woman.