• PandaPrincess7

    Something I made

    October 21, 2018 by PandaPrincess7


    So this is something I made on this website called Azalea's Dolls.

    I have know idea how accurate this is, but please give me credit for trying

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  • BugsHeartScribblin'
    • Made with Azaleas Dolls' Goddes Dress Up Game
    • This might not be the cannon designs but this is simply how I imagine them in my head
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  • Silverwing1001
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  • Riley1201


    May 2, 2017 by Riley1201
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  • KittyCat84

    I've always thought a waterfire saga movie (or tv show) would be awesome! I made a collage of who I would want to play the main six girls if there was a movie.

    I did some editing on Billie & Allie's eyes, to see what they would look like as the characters.

    Who do you think could play Sera and her friends?

    P.S. Thank you Anonymous for helping me!

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  • Vampirekitten572

    I just wanted to say that we need to work on this wikia a bit more. Here are some things I think needs a bit of work:

    I just found this wikia, and there wasn't even a page for Merrow! She's practically the most important one of the founders! I added a page for her, but I didn't put much on it. I think we need a page for dragons too. And maybe a page for the whole plot of the series. 

    The whole wikia has practically no pics. Maybe you should slip in some fanart of some of the characters. Just because you there aren't any pictures form the author doesn't mean we can't find some from someone else. As long as they fit with the book's description, it's fine.

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  • Dandelions33

    Hi guys,

    I am thinking about applying to adopt this wiki as the person who created it has not have been active since July last year. I've helped by editing pages such as adding descriptions, creating pages and adding categories and photos and I really enjoy it. I've been editing this wikia since June 2015 and if I adopt this wikia, I could help protect against it vandalism.

    But before I do this, I was wondering, are people okay with me applying to adopt this wikia?



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  • Jadetheseawing3


    January 21, 2015 by Jadetheseawing3

    WE need to make some serious additions.

    Deep Blue Rogue Wave

    Out of interest, when is the third book coming out?


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