Principe Desiderio is Serafina's older brother.

Deep Blue Edit

In Deep Blue, Isabella tells Serafina that Desiderio was sent to the western borders of Miromara due to the recent raids. He has not made an apperance until the third book, Dark Tide.

Dark Tide Edit

In Dark Tide Desiderio is captured by Ondalinians and is rescued by Astrid. Des had no idea of his mother and father being murdered. Astrid soon informs Des about it while rescuing him. In the journey we get a glimpse of his uncle Ludovico. He helps both escape, by loaning them an orca Astrid's dad bought for her mom. While getting Astrid's talisman, Des learns that she can't sing. Soon, Des figures he has feelings for Astrid, and they share a kiss and eventually journey to the Kargjord, where the BFR are located.

Sea Spell Edit

Desiderio and Yazeed help make plans on how they should attack and argue about where they should attack. He fights alongside Serafina when they take back Miromara from Portia, Vallerio and Lucia. In the end of the book, he and Astrid are Promised to one another.