Dragons are known as vicious creatures, and are commonly found in Matali. Ejderha is Turkish for dragon.

History Edit

Dragons are the main source of Matali's wealth, because the temperature of the water there is ideal. They have many breeding grounds. The Razormouth, a type of dragon, is features on their flag.

Merrow put Navi's Talisman, a moonstone, in the breeding grounds of the Razormouths in her journey to hide the talismans.

In Deep Blue, the royal Matalin family travel to Miromara and the death riders use a Blackclaw Dragon to attack Miromara Palace, killing many.

During Rogue Wave, Neela steals Navi's moonstone from the cave of the "queen" Razormouth Dragon, Hargala, but is wounded by one of her babies. The dragons are also used to kill the jellyfish surrounding the death camp where people from Nzuri Bonde were held.

There were three Blackclaw dragons sited in the book Dark Tide. Serafina and Sophia came across them in the reggia, placed there by death riders.

Species Edit

Bengalese Bluefin Edit

The Bengalese Bluefins are calm, gentle creatures. They are good for pulling carriages and wagons.

Lakshadwa Blackclaw Edit

Lakshadwas are huge and powerful, used by the military. They may be associated somehow with the Blackclaws in the reggia.

Blackclaws Edit

There were Blackclaw dragons in the reggia and in the attack on Miromara. They have thick scales and a bronze faceplate. They also have a stiff frill of spikes around their necks.

Royal Arabian Edit

Royal Arabians are described as dazzling, and very expensive.

Razormouth Edit

Razormouths are known to be feral and murderous. They bread in the Madagascar Basin, in Western Matali. Their eggs are ugly brown.

Merrow put Navi's Talisman, a moonstone, in the breeding grounds of the Razormouths.