Eyvör was the wife of Admiral Kolfinn and the mother of Admiral Ragnar Kolfinnsson and Astrid Kolfinnsdottir.

Physical descriptionEdit

Eyvör was tall, blonde and muscular. In Dark Tide , she wears a long walrus-skin coat and a necklace made from the teeth of a polar bear which had been foolish enough to attack her.


Eyvör is brave, determined, loyal and proud. She is mentioned as being a strong, skilled hunter and ride of hippokamps. She fiercely loves and is loyal to her family


Astrid remembers her mother telling her to trust her instincts.

In Dark Tide, Eyvör was speaking to Ludovico trying to reassure him that she would do whatever she could for Desiderio, his falsely accused and imprisoned nephew, but her husband is dying and she is upset and under clear strain. Astrid is shocked when she sees her mother cry, something Ondalinians would never do.