Isolda was Regina of Miromara prior to the events of the Waterfire Saga. She was the mother of Regina Artemisia, the grandmother of Regina Isabella, Principe Ludovico and the former High Commander Vallerio, thus great-grandmother to Serafina, Desiderio and Lucia Volnero.


Regina Isolda was said to have been a brave and brilliant commander. She won the War of the Reykjanes Ridge and made the treaty known as the Permutavi which agreed upon the exchange of an Ondalian child of the admiral to Miromara and a Miromaran royal child to Ondalina. Baba Vrăja mmentions Regina Isolda to Serafina when she applauded her on how she commandeered the merls against Abbadon.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Isolda was said to have been a brilliant commander and a courageous soldier. She presumably looked like her grandchildren Isabella, Vallerio and Ludovico with black hair, blue eyes and silver scales.