A soulless mermaid prowls the seas
Who once Miromara's throne did seize.
In a cave of darkness, deep and black,
She plots and plans her next attack.
Sheltered by Kharis, with Morsa's favour,
She waits till revenge is hers to savor.
―Epilogue, Sea Spell.

Lucia (pronounced Loo-chee-ah) Volnero an Italian mermaid who is the daughter of Portia and Vallerio. She is a descendant of Merrow because her father, Vallerio, is a Merrovingia and she has Merrow's blood.

Appearance Edit

Lucia is "strikingly beautiful" with deep blue, sapphire eyes, silver scales and long, blue-black hair. In Deep Blue, she wears an eye-catching, shimmering gown of silver and her hair swept up into an updo for Serafina's Dokimi.

For her Dokimi in Rogue Wave, she wears a gown the colour of midnight. And it says in the book that she looks dazzling.

In Dark Tide, she wears a gown made of thousands of tiny overlapping discs of polished abalone and a sapphire set in a platinum headband, with her hair down. Later, she wears shimmering grey eyeshadow, a dusting of sparkly, silver, ground mother-of-pearl on her lips, a diamond crown, earrings and necklace and a deep grey dress. At the Depth Charge in the Lagoon, she wears a clingy, low-cut purple gown.

In Sea Spell, she tries on a clingy, pale green sea-silk dress embroidered with seed pearls. For her wedding with Mahdi, she wears a gown made of thousands of sparkling sliver-thin slices of emerald stitched onto a sheath of dark green sea silk. She later wears a lavender sea silk dress.

Relationships Edit

Serafina Edit

Lucia hates Serafina and is shown to be very jealous of her being the principessa. She thinks she is just obsessed with conchs and mocks Serafina, taunting her that Mahdi doesn't like her.

Neela Edit

Lucia dislikes Neela and once told her she looked like a fog light when her skin glowed and thinks of her as treacherous.

Bianca Edit

Lucia may have once considered Bianca a friend, but later on in Dark Tide she uses Bianca as a sacrifice in order to make a manglio. However, she does feel a bit regret about sacrificing Bianca. She wished that she had an alternative, but she convinces herself that did what she had to for Mahdi to be hers.

Personality Edit

Lucia has a haughty and smug attitude and is quite jealous, especially of Serafina, wanting to control all the mer realms. She is quite spiteful and haughty, with a vain, selfish personality. She is also very rebellious and troublesome as she sneaks out the palace a lot and practices canta sangua on Mahdi and sets out to kill Serafina in Dark Tide. She is so ruthless; she murdered her best friend Bianca in order to get what she wanted.

However, Lucia also is quite intelligent in a bad way as she is excellent at canta sangua and canta malus. And, she has multiple plans and schemes that the protagonists barely manage escape from.