Manon Laveau is a Creole mermaid who is the Swamp Queen of the Mississippi River in the Freshwaters.

History Edit

Sea Spell Edit

After answering the door to her cave, Manon Laveau is shocked to see a thin, feverish mermaid, named Ava Corajoso, led by a piranha. But instead of begging for food or medicine, she holds out the little currensea she has and begs for a gris-gris to protect her from the Okwa Naholo, murderous water spiritis. Manon tells her to go buy some food and begins to close the door, but Ava stops her and begs for a gris-gris, revealing that she is blind. Manon sees Ava's eyes and realises she has a talent to see how people truly are and lets her in. Ava explains about a monster in the Southern Sea and how it has been awoken, telling her she is on a mission to get her talisman from the Okwa Naholo. Manon is shaken by the story but agrees to give Ava a very strong gris-gris for free and provides her with food and medicine, before saying goodbye to the mermaid.

Five days later, Traho and his two hundred death riders arrive at her door, demanding information on the whereabouts on Ava and that she hands over her seeing stone. Fearless, Manon threatens them with her alligators and says he will have to pay for information. Traho does and she states that Ava arrived two days ago, hungry and sick, wanting a gris-gris to protect her from the Okwa Naholo. She tells him that she made her one, but lies, saying that it wouldn't help her and that by now, she'll be "bones at the bottom of Blackwater" and that her seeing stone was just a myth. Traho believes her and leaves and Manon casts an occula spell to see in her seeing stone and manages to get an image of Ava travelling through the swamp and Traho's troops travelling in the opposite direction of Ava. She begins to fear for Ava, whispering for her to hurry.

Appearance Edit

Manon has smooth, light brown skin, green eyes and a silvery tail, accompanied by high cheekbones and a strong nose. She wears a white tunic and a red reedcloth skirt, with a belt studded with river pearls and mussel pearls cinching her waist. She accessorizes with a turban and earrings.

Trivia Edit

  • Manon Laveau is most likely based off Louisiana Creole Marie Laveau who was known as the "Voodoo Queen of New Orleans".
  • Manon Laveau speaks a mixture of Freshwater Mermish sprinkled with African, English, American and Spanish words. These include: au revoir (French for goodbye), cooyon (Cajun for fool), boocoo (from French beaucoup, meaning very), gris-gris (an African/Caribbean term for a charm) and cher (French for dear).