Matali's imperial palace is located within Matali City, the capital of the Matalin Empire. It was built by Emperor Ranajit ten centuries before the events of Waterfire Saga deep-water rock shelf off the south-western coast of India. Every time an emperor feels the palace is lacking of necessary space, then they built and added to the palace on nearby rock outcroppings, connecting it all with white marble bridges, so that courtiers and ministers that lived on the outcroppings are able to access the main palace everyday for work without having their heavy state robes rumbled by the currents. Members of the Pānī Yōd’dhā’ōṁ, Matali's water warriors, patrol the perimeter of the palace.


The palace has golden domes and rock crystal colonnades and vaulted archways. The centre of the palace is an enormous white marble octagon on a massive rock shelf, flanked by towers with the Matali flag fluttering from each one. The palace is connected to more buildings on outcroppings by marble bridges.

The sumptuous Emperor's chamber is the throne room of the Matalin emperor and empress, designed to awe friends and enemies. Delicate coral screens cover the arched windows during Matali's period of Martial Law in Rogue Wave, the white marble walls were inlaid with piecework images of Matalin royals in lapis, malachite, jade and pearl while Murti- statues of divine sea spirits- decorate wall niches. The domed ceiling is made of pieces of rock crystal and pink-tinted lava globes light up the whole chamber. At the end of the chamber is a high dais with two golden thrones.