Navi was one of the six mages who ruled Atlantis and is the ancestor of Neela. She's said to have been very generous towards others.

Pre-Series Edit

Navi was a wealthy woman born in India. According to Baba Vrăja, she was a kind, generous and good-hearted woman who used her own personal fortune to build hospitals, orphanages and homes for the poor. Like her descendant Neela, she had the ability to hold light in her hands as well as her heart and was said to pull down light from the moon and stars. Navi was known to give her people hope, even in the darkest hours. She along with her fellow mage Pyrrha were killed when driving Abbadon into its prison in the Carceron.

Deep Blue Edit

Neela is revealed to be Navi's descendant by Baba Vrăja in the Iele's Cave. When doubts her ability as compared to Navi's, saying she could 'barely cast a decent frag' or 'get a bunch of moon jellies to light up'. But Baba Vrăja explained that her magic was strongest when she was around the people she loved and 'magic begets magic', meaning Sera's presence and her strength fuelled Neela's.

Rogue Wave Edit

Navi is mentioned many times throughout the book, it is revealed that she was given a moonstone which is her talisman. To honour the memory of her fellow mage, Merrow travelled a death-defying journey to the breeding grounds of the Razormouth Dragons and threw them Navi's moonstone in order to keep it safe, and near the shores where her friend had been born