Neria is the goddess of the sea and the sister of Verita, the goddess of justice. Out of all the gods , she is the most widely venerated and loved by the mer .



Neria and Cassio, the sky god, were in love at some point and was admired by the twin gods of the tides, Trykel and Spume, who tried to win her heart numerous times. Morsa , the goddess of death, once tried to overthrow Neria but was unsuccesful and Neria punished her by giving her "the face of death" and the body of a serpent and placed a crown of scorpions upon her head before banishing her.

When her youngest son, Kyr, in the form of a seal pup, was saved from a shark attack by Merrow , she was so grateful she bestowed Merrow a magnificent, blue teardrop-shaped diamond which became her talisman. 

She was called upon by Merrow in the destruction of Atlantis and transformed the Atlanteans into mer by giving them fins and tails.