The Opafago are cannibalistic sea creatures that lived in Miromara and hunted mer until Merrow forced them into the Barrens of Thira, which surround the ruins of Atlantis.

Appearance Edit

The Opafago are tall and human-like, with strong limbs, humped backs and thick necks. Their bodies are covered with scales like that of a Komodo dragon and they have red eyes with thick, bony brows. On either side of their noses, they have long, curving tusks which they use to spear their prey. They have black lips and rows of sharp, spiky teeth.

History Edit

Pre-series Edit

Thousands of years ago, the Opafago lived in Miromara, hunting mer, until Merrow decided to force them into the Barrens of Thira surrounding Atlantis to prevent mer from discovering the truth about the destruction of Atlantis. She sent them a messenger to tell them they were being sanctioned, but they ate him. The Miromaran soldiers, the acqua guerri, encircled the Opafago and forced them into the Barrens of Thira.

Rogue Wave Edit

Ling and Serafina are cornered by six Opafago in Atlantis. Ling holds them off with an apă piatră while Serafina looks for an escape and finds a narrow doorway which they swim through. Once again, the Opafago corner them but Serafina creates a vortex in the old pipes of the women's bath which manages to blow through the stone, allowing them to escape. They Opafago follow them to the surface and are distracted by a shoal of sardines, which they feast on, allowing Ling and Serafina to escape.