Pyrrha was one of the six rulers of Atlantis, is an ancestor of Becca. Her talisman was a coin.

Pre-Series Edit

Pyrrha had come from Hornos or Cape Horn, an archipelago in Southern Chile. She was a blacksmith artisan who had a gift with fire. When she travelled to Atlantis, she became one of the greatest military commanders. One day she saw enemy ships coming and sent a rider to the capital to alert the army. Using her gift and forge, she quickly transformed villager's farm tools into weapons, arming every individual in the village. As the invaders marched through, they were repelled and ambushed by the villagers who held them back until reinforcements arrived from Elysia. Pyrrha was killed along with her friend, Navi when they bravely drove Abbadon into the Carceron.

Deep Blue Edit

Baba Vrăja explained to Becca, her descendant, that she had inherited Pyrrha's gift in fire and her brilliant strategic skills. Becca is in disbelief, stating that she was just a student with a part-time job at Baudel's but Baba Vrăja mentioned that Pyrrha too, was an artisan, like Becca.

Rogue Wave Edit

Sera realises after researching from the conches, that Merrow must have placed Pyrrha's talisman, along with the others, in the waters near the shores where they had been born. However she does not yet know what Pyrrha's talisman was.

Dark Tide Edit

Serafina finally discovers what Pyrrha and the remaining mages's talisman's were. Pyrrha's talisman was a gold coin with a portrait of Neria. This occurred when she sees a stone carving with her friend (and unknown to her, a traitor and a spy), Sophia.

Sea Spell Edit

Astrid discovers that Pyrrha and Navi's deaths might have been in vain, as Orfeo explains to her that Abbadon only retreated to the Carceron because he told it to- not because the other mages drove it back. Abbadon was meant to wait until Orfeo and the monster itself gained enough strength to break free or unleash it.

Personality Edit

Pyrrha had spirit sure and strong.