Rusalka are ghosts of hearbroken girls who throw themselves into a river to commit suicide after their lovers have left them.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

These are known as a menace and a pest to the mer. They are not as powerful and malevolent as shipwreck ghosts but water bound all human souls and prevented them from seeking any afterlife. If a human dies above the surface, their souls will go free, but if it drowned, the spirit would become a ghost.

As no ghost wished to be trapped, they rage against their fates. The strength of the rage determined the ghosts' power. Restless waters, including those with the rushing tumbles of rivers dissipated their rage, and thus Rusalka tended to be weak. They are able to slap and pinch, but cannot kill. Even though they are able to take objects from and attack mer they could not hold onto them, and are thus more of a menace than an actual threat. When Becca is attacked by Rusalka, in Deep Blue, they scream desperately that they wanted their boyfriends back. Ava claimed that she spotted the girl that stole their boyfriends and they scream in rage and rush into the direction where she was pointing.