Tavia is Serafina's nursemaid. It is unknown if she survived the attack on Miromara.

Deep Blue Edit

Tavia urges Serafina to hurry up and come out of her room, annoyed at the time she takes, and serves her breakfast. She gossips with Serafina about Mahdi but Serafina pretends to not be interested, so Tavia goes off to chat with a maid.

Appearance Edit

Tavia has the torso and pincers of a blue crab.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be a terrible gossip and quite impatient, but overall dutiful in what she does. She is quite kind as she offers Serafina advice and gives serves her favourite breakfast to her. She is very talkative and talks with other maids a lot. Additionally, she is quite gullible as Neela manages to see Serafina by giving her many sweets.

Relationships Edit

Serafina Edit

Tavia is quite impatient with Serafina but is kind to her, telling her we never know who we are...until we're tested. She finds Serafina's lack of interest in gossip annoying and thinks that she is like her mother, putting duty above all.

Mahdi Edit

She thinks of Mahdi of dreamy and kind, chatting about him to Serafina, and seems offended when Serafina calls him childish.

Regina Isabella Edit

Tavia is obedient towards Isabella and thinks of her as putting duty above everything else.

Neela Edit

She seems to like Neela, as she provides her with sweets, and allows her to see Serafina.