The Citadel is where Ondalina's Admirals, the military elite and their families live, along with the more modest Ondalinians.


It was built thousands of years ago. First the carvers select a large iceberg, calculate the mid-point of its submerged section and tunnelled inside it to form the public square where the Admiral's Palace is located, where he addressed his mer and where Ondalinian soldiers paraded. Concentric rings were then cut into the ice, working its way out from the center. Passageways were cut out, allowing the merpeople to move freely within the ice. The remaining ice were sculpted into dwellings including the graceful mansions of the wealthy, the more modest homes of ordinary citizens and the palaces of the military elite, as finely detailed and magnificent as found anywhere in the Mer realms or the great gogg cities of Saint Petersburg, Prague, and Paris.


The passages that lead to the Citadel's interior are protected by massive iron gates, twenty feet high and encrusted with ice.

Stables Edit

The stables have separate stables for hippokamps and orcas. The stables are illuminated by lava globes suspended from the ceiling. The stables have a main building, a tack room, and an indoor ring.


Admiral Kolfinn stayed at this hospital when he was dying from the poison. The hospital rooms have a bed and a bedside table.

Hall of EldersEdit

An arched passageway that led through the palace to her family's private apartments. On either side of it, life-size statues of Ondalina’s past admirals stood.


The dungeons plunge deep into the base of the Citadel. The dungeons have mazelike tunnels. The waters are colder, the ice is darker and opaque, and there are a few lava globes to provide lighting. The dungeons have countless smaller corridors—all lined with cells—snaked off the main passageways and there was an exit at the other end of it. A guard sits in a small office to the left side of the gate.

Hall of JusticeEdit

Antique arms and armor decorate the wall and the quotations from Ondalina’s chief justices incised above the doorways.

Ludovico's House Edit

Where Ludovico lives. Has a foyer with fine furniture such as a cabinet and a closet, portraits, swords mounted on the walls, and finally came to rest on a glass urn filled with shells. In the closet, there are seal-fur parkas, and a bulging pair of panniers. There was also a compass, a map, two daggers, and two swords sheathed in scabbards located somewhere in the house.