A Vitrina is a ghost of a human who had, in life, been so obsessed with their own reflection, whether due to insecurity or vanity, and whose soul is thus trapped within the mirror and the mirror realm of Vadus, ruled by Rorrim Drol.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Any Vitrina would be typically vain. They would grow listless and dull if they did not receive admiration. Serafina's mirror held a countess, a handsome young duke, three courtesans and an archbishop, who often came to speak to her. They are relatively harmless as compared to other ghosts and may often provide advice (usually about clothes and accessories, though their advice has helped the merls in other ways) and friendly conversation, if admired. The countess warned Serafina that there was something other than a Vitrina inside her mirror, trying to break free.

Josephine, a Vitrina whom Sera and Neela meet in Vadus, states that there are no children as Vitrina because children are comparatively fearless, not insecure about their looks and their fear only sets in as they become older as their backbones were of iron. The merls meet Rorim Drol, who greets them in Rursus, the lingua franca of Vadus, and he introduces them to various vitrina, including Katharine and Alice, a renaissance and nineteenth century lady who worried about their complexions and used lead-laced ceruse and ate arsenic, respectively, which ultimately resulted not only in defects but death. He also introduces them to a Victorian lady named Lydia who worried about losing her beau and placed drops of Belladonna in her eyes in order to make them appear doe-shaped. She ended up breaking her neck when her vision failed. Neela agitates the vitrina when she appears to be stealing attention from them.

In Rogue Wave, Sera and Ling meet Lady Thalia who tells them the story of Orfeo and Alma, but not before they shower her with compliments. This indicates that in spite of their preoccupation with their vanity, vitrina are still able to feel emotions for other beings, including their friends during their lives as Lady Thalia still felt pain when speaking about her friend's death. She also warned the merls to hide when the Opafago arrived.

In Sea Spell, Astrid is assisted by a vitrina when she tries to dive into Vadus, in order to get to Orfeo.