The Volnero family is a noble family as old - and nearly as powerful - as the Merrovingia.

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Forbidden Marriage Edit

Portia Volnero, Lucia's mother, has wished to marry Serafina's uncle Vallerio. This was disallowed by Isabella's mother, Artemesia, due to the fact that many of the Volnero had traitors and she didn't want Vallerio to marry into a 'tainted bloodline'. Vallerio left for Tsarno (a fortress town in western Miromara) whilst Portia married someone else - Sejanus Adaro. Portia's husband has supposedly looked much like Vallerio, which is the rumour to why she married him. Sejanus died some years after Lucia's birth.

Takeover of Miromara Edit

It was later discovered by Serafina that Portia and Vallerio had had an affair, and that Lucia was in fact Vallerio's daughter. Portia had trained Lucia for 19 years to prepare her for a Dokimí after their secretly-planned takeover of Miromara. Since she was a child of a Merrovingian descendant, she passed the test with Alítheia. She was betrothed to Mahdi during the Dokimí.